Multiple & Diverse Characters

As part of one of my modules for the games design course I am on, I had to  create one character, and develop that character and create multiple iterations, exploring body types, age, culture etc. – Used for information on body types


First attempts at figures/poses

So straight away I rushed in and drew these two figures armed with medieval weaponry, and they are… bad.


Short & Tall

I decided to give my character a sort of monocle crossed with an eyepatch that’d be consistent throughout all of my character drawings as a sort of distinguishing feature, as well as a ‘gun’ that I thought i’d change with the body types



The splits




With this character I wanted to experiment with the pose mare than anything.




Old & Large

With this one I feel like I should add shadows to the two characters, and put them somewhere like an alley, or a dark forest with ‘large’ being ever alert and watching for danger while ‘old’ follows behind casually.


Large Side-on


Side profile, gnome-type character & child

For ‘child’ I tried to draw a character with a thinner, more spindly frame. I envisioned it being thrown a rifle by another character and staggering under the weight of it


First Group image

It became clear during this assignment, that I need to get better at drawing things like hands, feet and faces.

I also need to look more at body proportions, and create more drawings of different characters. One thing I would like to look at is incorporating primitives like cubes or cylinders so I can draw characters interacting with them, for example, lifting or sitting on a cube or leaning on a tall cylinder, peeking around corners etc.


The drawings below this I did more for different styles than body types etc.






Pixel Sprite (64×64)

Sprite Colourized

Pixel Sprite (colour)




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