To go with the Warglaive model I’m making, I decided to also make a kind of plinth, or a pedestal to present it on, so I quickly made this one, adding the cloth on top more to experiment with it than anything else.

Pedestal Render 1


Warglaive Progress

I did more work on the blade textures, changing the colours slightly, making the etching stand out more & I added an image of rusted metal in a new layer, with very low opacity.

I made the surface of the handle/guard flat, with the intention of adding in all the detail in photoshop, however I will probably use Mudbox instead. Partially because i’d like to play around with the software & get a feel for it, and partially because I just think it’ll work better.

Azzinoth render 2

The handle, made with floating geometry, mostly primitives. I applied a twist modifier to a few cylinders to make the bit you actually hold.

Azzinoth render 1

Next steps are to texture the guard, and try to make the blades look like they’re not just glued onto the sides.

Warglaive Blades

Created in 3DS Max with textures drawn in photoshop, I created one blade, and then mirrored it to make the other. Now I just need to make the handguard

Azzinoth - Blades

Low Poly Warglaives

Since I need to get a lot better at 3D modelling, I asked Shane Pengelly, a friend of mine ( to choose a model for me to make.

The model(s) that Shane gave me to create, is the Warglaive of Azzinoth, from Warcraft/World of Warcraft. He also limited the polygons to 1000, but i’m going to try and get them as low as possible.

This is the reference image I will be using to construct these Warglaives.